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No chicken rule remains

by Nathan Arneal
Published 6/1/22

More houses are needed in North Bend, but they need proper flood vents and can’t have any chickens. These were all discussion points at the May 24 North Bend City Council meeting, which was postponed from May 17.

Following the discussion of an ordinance to allow the keeping of chickens within city limits at its previous meeting, the council took a vote with no further discussion on whether to proceed with such an ordinance.

As soon as mayor Rod Scott read the agenda item, councilman Bart Bosco made a motion not to move forward with an ordinance to allow chickens. Bosco and Alex Legge voted for the motion, while Ken Streff and Danny Minarick voted against it. Scott broke the tie with a vote for the motion and a potential ordinance to allow chickens was defeated 3-2.

The council unanimously decided add a deposit of $500 to building permits. This is in response to several projects not turning in FEMA-required elevation certificates and proof that proper flood vents have been installed in new structures that require them.

The $500 will be returned when proof of the installed vents and elevation is provided.

The council discussed several other projects, including repairs to fence and lights at the baseball field and more funding for the library.

“It’s tough,” city clerk Theresa Busse said. “The budget just isn’t there.”

Councilman Legge hit the table and said that’s a sign growth is needed in North Bend.

“You guys can talk about the budget all you want,” Legge said, “but it isn’t going to get any better unless we get some more (darn) houses in this town, right? We have to expand our property tax (base). We can talk about budgets, but until we get more beds in this town, there ain’t going to be more budget to talk about.”

Minarick suggested putting the two empty lots owned by the city north of the water tower up for sale. It will be added to the agenda for the next meeting.


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