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Board reviews, makes hires

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 6/22/22

The North Bend Central Board of Education met June 13 with two members, Dan Wesely and Jeff Bauer, not present. Board treasurer Bob Feurer conducted the meeting. Interim superintendent Galen Boldt attended.

The principals spoke about the updates to the student handbooks they are making with board approval.

Principal Brenda Petersen had four updates for the high and middle school handbook. All students are required to take seven class periods each semester. If they have period they serve as an aide, they will not received a grade for that period. If they participate in a career education course that flexes over multiple class periods, they will receive one grade for that time period. The second change involved student use of cell phones. The third change involved mandatory random drug testing. If a student uses CBD oil and has a positive drug test, students will be subject to consequences according to the school policy.

The only change in the elementary school handbook was also one in the high/middle school. The school received a grant to periodically offer questionnaires, surveys and screeners to address issues related to mental health. Students or parents can opt-out, but the principals felt this would support the school’s ability to support students emotionally, socially and academically.

The board considered the early retirement incentive plan.

Superintendent Dan Endorf said there are three teachers eligible for the ERIP, and one has already spoken to him about it. Pros and cons of the program were discussed. Board member Justin Taylor brought up larger schools offering teachers monetary incentive to stay, and NBC is offering monetary incentive to leave. The board voted on implementing the ERIP, splitting the vote 2 –2, with Doug Hoops and Justin Taylor voting against it. It was decided to get more information and discuss it again at the next meeting.

The student fee policy and parental and family engagement policy were both adopted without change.

Under reports, the board reviewed the attendance policy, with Petersen telling the board that with COVID it has been a lot different. Beaver said there was not a lot they could do when students were exposed to COVID and had to stay home, but teachers did work at catching up students academically.

The bullying policy was reviewed. Elementary principal Tessie Beaver reports the PSIB (Positive Behavior Intervention Support) with a curriculum, Second Step, that teaches social, emotional and bullying prevention. The high school is adding a curriculum for the teachers on classroom culture, with hopes that it will create a more positive culture in the classroom and a more positive school.

In a construction update, Endorf reported that everything was positive with no surprises or change orders.

Beaver spoke to the board about hiring an additional paraprofessional. She felt it was needed so that the present kindergarten para can go to a first grade classroom, following a student who needed additional medical assistance. With the para handling this need, classroom instruction was not interrupted. Beaver suggested that this para be a SPED para and a new para be hired for the kindergarten class. The board approved this.

Hires were Alyssa Muller, R.N., as the nurse/data position at the high school. Joy Jenkins was hired as the lunch program director, and Mindy Ruzicka for kitchen staff, with more needed. Amy Emanuel, Moriah Davis and Elsie Dobbs were hired as paras with two more needed. The hiring of a business teacher was tabled.

The board finished the meeting going into closed session to discuss the interim superintendent contract.

The next meeting will be July 11 at 7:30 p.m. at the high school.


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