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Love birds honored for 64.5 years with Loving Cup

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 6/29/22

Mary Lou Kimsey of Hastings was a college senior looking to finish her education with student teaching. Little did she know, this assignment would bring her a lifetime of love.

Dick and Mary Lou Satorie won the 2022 Old Settlers Loving Cup.

She aced the test, leading to she and husband Dick Satorie winning the Loving Cup after Sunday’s Old Settlers worship service, presented to the longest wed couple present.

“I was assigned to North Bend High School,” Mary Lou said. “My friend Dottie Roubal told me that was her hometown and volunteered to take me around. Her parents had me out for supper. It was a Wednesday night and all the stores were open so Dottie took me downtown.”

They went into every store and Mary Lou was introduced to everyone. As the evening wore on, they ended up at the movie theater and were resting on a car Dottie recognized as belonging to a friend. Out came Dick Satorie with a group of friends, and that’s how they met.

The next night she went with Dottie to choir practice at the Presbyterian Church. Dick and Jerry Ullrich were waiting outside and they all went out together. The night ended with Dick asking Mary Lou for a date.

They dated for nine months and became engaged in May 1957 after she graduated from college. They were married Dec. 28, 1957.

Dick had three years of college, two years in the military and finished his college degree in January 1959. Mary Lou taught until their five sons started coming. They both substitute taught in Fremont and North Bend until retiring. Dick subbed until he became president of the school board for eight years beginning in 1978.

“I don’t think the teachers would appreciate me in their classroom as president of the board,” Dick said with a laugh.

Mary Lou substituted with “her rules” and was able to sub as much as she wanted to.

Dick operated the family farm northwest of North Bend and with Mary Lou, raised their five boys: Rick of North Bend, Greg of Baltimore, Tim in Columbus, and Paul in Plantation, Florida. They lost one son, Steven, at the age of 10.

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