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Four panels of Romper Room’s PVC fence were destroyed by vandals. Owner Karen Roubal predicts it will cost her in the thousands to repair, which has to be done in order for her day care students to use the area.

Vandals hit fence at Romper Room

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 3/16/22

Karen Roubal usually comes to work in the dark. Last Friday she didn’t notice anything wrong until a worker was looking out the back window of Romper Room Day Care facility and noticed the holes in the fence.

Four six-foot panels of the white PVC fence had been beaten up taking out the boards and spindles. One cemented-in post was trashed, according to Roubal.

“They had to have taken a metal bat, crowbar or tire iron to break the slats,” Roubal said. “It wasn’t an accident. They blatantly vandalized other people’s property.”

Roubal did report the damage to the Dodge County Sheriff Department. The deputy taking the report said there is a TikTok challenge to trash people’s fence or lawn ornaments. They will be watching for posting.

Eric Byrd, who lives just east of the day care, said he did not see or hear anything. His mail box, which is just south of the fence, was not damaged so they do not think a vehicle did the damage.

Roubal said she had two sections of fence damaged by a tree a few years ago and it cost her $800 to repair. Roubal is thinking this repair will cost her in the thousands. She had reported it to her insurance. Because of her liability insurance for the day care, the fence will have to be repaired before children can return to the large open space behind the day care.

“Its super disheartening that (anyone) would do this,” Roubal said.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Dodge County Sheriff department at 402-727-2700.


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