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Board adapts '22-23 calendar

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 3/23/22

Two teachers resigned, a calendar for next year was adopted, two new sports were considered and the science department decided to go textbookless at the March 14 NBC board of education meeting.

Before entering an executive session, board president Dan Wesely read a statement saying the session was “clearly necessary for the protection of the public interest and to preserve the attorney-client privilege” and to “prevent needless injury to the reputation of a person who did not request a public meeting.”

After nearly 45 minutes in executive session, the board returned to public meeting and accepted the resignation of elementary and middle school P.E. teacher Craig Schmeckpeper, who had been removed from teaching duties in February after an incident with a student.

Kim Hanson resigned as vocal music teacher and Ryan Baldwin was been hired as instrumental music teacher.

Brett Adams has been hired as custodian for 30 hours a week.
The 2022-2023 school calendar was adopted. The board had previously considered two options and presented them to teachers for consideration. The teachers presented a third option that the board adopted. It includes a later start and four additional in-service days.

The in-service days could also be used to capture days back if there were cancellations for weather, floods or pandemics. The first day for students will be Aug. 18 with school ending May 18, 2023.

Middle school science teacher Amy Sterup and high school science teacher Michelle Gall presented recommendations for the middle and high school science curriculum. They recommended an online curriculum where they can print off material and the students will keep a binder.

“We will purchase lab material rather than textbooks,” Gall said.

Sterup said that the material is readily available online.

“And we can get additional material to add depth and enrich the lessons,” Sterup said.

The teachers also requested the purchase of virtual reality equipment that comes with 30 headsets. Among other uses, students would be able to take virtual field trips.

“This is the direction we need to go,” board member Bob Feurer said.

The elementary school had a difficult time finding a science text and decided to go with Investigation Notebook, where the teachers will print off what they use.

The board approved the adoption of the science curriculum updates.
The English curriculum was also adopted. Exponential Learning curriculum was chosen for for grades K through seven. Middle school English teacher Melissa Cody has been using it for two years and supported the adoption.

Principal Tessie Beaver said that professional learning needed to be included in order to do justice to the program.

“The EL curriculum includes rich literature and complex texts that build real-world knowledge,” Beaver said. “Students tackle grade-level texts that stretch and grow their abilities, while experiencing the joy of learning from their favorite books by authors.”

Petersen presented Into Literature as the curriculum for grades eight to 12.

The board heard reports on adding bowling and girls wrestling to the NBC offerings.

Nichole Cosgrove spoke in the public comment section of the meeting in favor of adding bowling in addition to the unified bowling season the school currently offers.

NBC activities director and basketball coach Jon Baehr, wrestling coach Ken Streff and unified bowling coach Dan Nelson spoke about the potential new sports. A survey of 125 students found 13 very interested in bowling and nine girls interested in wrestling, with others expressing some interest. Cost, other conference schools participating and time factors were discussed.

“(Girls wrestling) is an emerging sport,” Streff said “Give it time, it will grow.”

Nelson said bowling would give kids not interested in basketball or wrestling an opportunity to belong to a sport in the winter.
The board will consider the reports and make a decision at the April meeting.

The board went into executive session to discuss teacher and principal contracts for 2022-2023.

The board is planning a work session on March 21. The next regular board meeting will be April 11 at 7:30 p.m.


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