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Ethan Bang and Bailey Porter are two of the peopel who make up E/W Cattle Company with headquarters north west of North Bend. This all began as an passion for cattle in high school for Ethan and grew into a business.

E/W Cattle Co. now on the map

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 3/23/22

E/W Cattle Company, LLC was the name Ethan Bang and his dad, Wayde Bang, came up with in 2016 when they started breeding cattle and raising 4-H calves.

Ethan had been dreaming of this since he was in 4-H and FFA in high school where he showed cattle. Ethan graduated from North Bend Central in 2013 before attending Northeast Community College in Norfolk to study animal science with a focus on bovine, cattle. After graduating he and his dad started building their herd.

“We started out getting good quality heifers,” Ethan Bang said, “bought a lot of them as yearling heifers and bred them as we wanted and made those matings to up breed the cows we started with. The focus was to raise club cows, show cows.”

In 2019 Bill Gross-Rhode joined the operation and they formed an LLC. All have full time jobs: Ethan farming with Chris Armstrong, Wayde working at Seitec Seed Corn Company and Bill on his family farm. Bill came with a couple of cows and manpower.

“With all of us working full time it was easier to grow the cow herd and spread the work out during the busy times of the year with three,” Ethan said. “That was the main reason we were able to grow the herd. It’s been really fun.”

Calves come in spring, but they have moved that up to January and February. In 2015 they built a barn on the seven acres behind Wayde’s home northwest of North Bend where the calves are born at a slow time for them with their jobs and good timing for selling them in September.

“That gives them a couple more months to get them ready to go for the kids,” Bang said. “We have them halter broke and a little more calm. We get them ‘broke to tie’ so when they get them home they can work with them.”

Calves are around 500 pounds when sold, with 75% of the club calves sold in September and October.

All of their show calf prospects are sold through Show Circuit, an nationwide online platform. When the auction is scheduled on a Monday in September, they have an open house Saturday and Sunday prior for buyers to see calves.

“But people can come at any time,” Bang said. “They come from all over the United States. We’ve sold to families in Kansas, Dakotas, Texas, Ohio. Most of the cows stay in the Midwest.”

They encourage people to come look at the calves, or have someone they trust come see the cattle.

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