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Brokaw resigns from NBC

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 5/18/22

North Bend Central’s strength and conditioning instructor Rob Brokaw has resigned from NBC and will be leaving for a new job.

At the NBC Board of Education meeting May 9, the board had to go into a closed session to discuss letting Brokaw out of the 2022-2023 contract he had signed prior to the April 15 deadline. Brokaw will be accepting a position in a large school district in Arizona.

He was released on the condition that a replacement be found. Dan Maresh, who taught business and computers this year but is also certified in physical education, will take Brokaw’s position. The school is seeking a teacher to fill the business position.

“Rob Brokaw has grown the strength and conditioning program at NBC,” superintendent Dan Endorf said. “He helped hundreds of students improve their health, well-being and athleticism while at NBC and became an award-winning instructor of strength and conditioning. We wish him the best in his new venture in Arizona.”

Brokaw was named the 2021 National Strength and Conditioning Teacher of the Year.

Also leaving will be Brokaw’s wife, Megan, who serves as the district’s nurse and data steward, filling out paperwork the state requires. NBC will be looking for a person to fill this position.

Sarah Ihrig was hired as a special education teacher at the high school.

The board heard from Rod Rolenc and Endorf concerning the May 3 bus accident where an NBC bus with 15 students on board rolled on it side with road conditions contributing. All students were transported to the hospital and checked out by medical personnel before being released to their parents to return home or to school. The board reviewed policies regarding transportation and drivers. Areas that went well and where improvement was needed were discussed.

Frank Helmink from the Nebraska Rural Community Schools Association was at the meeting to present candidates for the interim superintendent position. In open session he presented 12 candidates without using their names. The board went into a closed session once again and heard a more complete message about each candidate. The board selected four it wants to interview and decided what questions they would ask each of them. May 17 was selected as a date for these interviews.

The next board meeting is June 11 at 7:30 p.m.


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