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  School board members took a tour of the facilities before their meeting Oct. 10. Shown in an NBE classroom are members Dan Wesely, North Bend Elementary head custodian Galen Uhing, interim superintendent Galen Boldt and board members Justin Taylor and Doug Hoops.

Board views facility's updates, needs

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 10/19/22

The North Bend Central Board of Education began its Oct. 10 meeting with a walking tour through the elementary school.

Members viewed classrooms with their updated cabinets, flooring, desks, chairs, bathrooms, paint on the wall and more. Head custodian Galen Uhing and principal Tessie Beaver led the tour showing all that has been accomplished. Some parts of the project are still unfinished because of supply problems. They also had a few projects they wanted to put on the list for next year.

“We have beautiful classrooms with all the changes,” Beaver said.

The board then went to the high school where facilities director Mike Murray showed them areas that needed attention. They looked at the concession stand with no water. Interim superintendent Galen Boldt shared a dream of dividing the old gym so that the west side could be re-purposed into a facility for fine arts performances to possible make the fine arts offerings more attractive.

The board began its regular meeting at 7:30 p.m. with a report from the superintendent search leaders of the Nebraska Rural Community Schools Association. The search team had met that day with the faculty, staff and community committees and listened to them talk about what they wanted in the next superintendent.

The groups will meet again Nov. 7 to select at least four finalist and select questions to ask them. Saturday, Nov. 19, was selected as the date to interview the finalist. The NRCSA spokesmen talked about all that day would entail. Final selection would be announced at the Dec. 14 board meeting.

Boldt made a proposal for the board to look at the way those who supervise at games and events at the school are compensated. Presently principal Brenda Petersen and activities director Jon Baehr do the supervision as covered with their salary. After much discussion the board voted to authorize $2,500 to be used for compensation for supervision at school functions requiring such for the current school year. It will be reevaluated next year.

Chris Gross-Rhode spoke to the board about addressing parents or students about material they have issues with. Gross-Rhode had a form parents would have to fill out on why they have an issue with the material, cite specific examples, describe the negative impact and give replacement suggestions. She also had a form that parents could fill out to have students exempt for a class they object to and alternative activity. The board approved the update to polities already in place.
In his report interim superintendent Boldt said K-12 enrollment is 586 this year with 101 option enrolled students. Last year there were 594 NBC students that included 88 option enrollment students.

It was brought up that the school has a protocol for accidents with vans but not with buses. One will be worked on.

Boldt said he has composed a team of advisors as to snow days cancellations since he lives in Lincoln. Mike Settles has been contracted to clear snow at the elementary school and Mike Murray will do it at the high school.

Petersen reported that colleges are having large group visits and NBC students have visited University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Central Community College, with more visits in the plans.

Beaver reported that health screening will be done in October with Dr. F.J. Rhia doing the dental exam.

Baehr reported that Holly Booze has been hired to coach girls wrestling and Connor Norton junior high wrestling. Dan Wright will direct one acts with Gabby Schwanabeck as assistant. Amber Beltrand will coach speech with Chloe Beltrand assisting.

The next meeting will be at 7 p.m. on Nov. 14.


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