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This is one of the bridges near at the Cutoff Road and County Road 15 showing the parts of the bridge.

Bridges holding up expressway

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 9/14/22

Mick Jacobs, the Nebraska Department of Roads project manager for the expressway north of North Bend, says that the road construction is right on schedule.

“Fairly close to half the main paving is done,” Jacobs said. “That’s 22 lane miles, 11 miles of two lane highway.”

Most of this paving is in the westbound lane which Jacobs said would be connected up to what was done in the paving on the last project. They will then have to go back and pave some shoulders and other finish work. The plan is to have the westbound lanes open to two-way traffic by June 30, 2023.

Jacobs said that what is holding things up are the bridges that are involved.

“There are three bridges in the westbound lane,” he said. “Two are close to each other at the cutoff ditch. They are scheduled to be poured mid-October.”

The third bridge is 1,300 feet long and located at County Road 20 1/4. The piers are already in place and they hope to start to set girders there later this week. Jacobs said that is like three weeks of setting girders with 110 girders in all. A girder is the horizontal beam holding the deck up.

“They are moving right along,” Jacobs said. “They are right around 35% of time done with about 38% of monies earned so they are right on schedule.”

The westbound lane is mostly done and the eastbound lane is done from County Road 20 1/4 because they needed it to move their equipment.

But there is only so much work that can be done this fall, Jacobs said. Freezing temperatures are not good for fresh concrete so that work will have to wait for spring.


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