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Season done at farmers market

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 10/5/22

The North Bend Farmers Market has closed for the season, with plans to be back bigger and better next year.

Alexis Cummings along with her family were frequent vendors at the North Bend Farmers Market. The market offered a wide variety of items for the shoppers on Wednesday afternoons and Saturday.

Organizer Heidi Widick said that there were 27 market days this year from June to this past week. There were 22 different vendors. Those coming to 10 or more markets were WEE Ranch (Widick family), Hideaway Farm (Andrew Tonnies), County Road Bees (Brad Plantz), North Bend Locker, Gail Hille, KAKE Barn Crafts (Swanson family), Kris Sharp, Country Acres (Cummings family), Kori Poole and Elizabeth Widick. The vendors offered fresh produce, sweet corn, pumpkins, soaps, candles, tumblers, T-shirts, coasters, decals, breads, pies, jams and jellies, local honey, jerky, plants, fresh flower bouquets, crafts and more. Vendors were from North Bend, Morse Bluff, Fremont, Snyder, Rogers and Rescue.

Adult traffic was tracked on Saturdays with between 18 and 58 adults coming through the three-hour market. There were many out-of-town and even out-of-state customers.

A Facebook page helped spread the word reaching over 3,000 people a month. A couple came from Omaha to come check out the farmers market they had seen through Facebook.

“This has definitely been a blessing for the community,” Widick said. “Not only are we able to share our bountiful garden produce, but people from our community have been able to showcase their talents and grow their side hustle. We even had some teenage boys selling golf balls one Saturday.”

We appreciate the support on the 2nd year of getting a farmers market going again. The Facebook page will remain open for customers to be able to reach out in the event they would like additional items from a specific vendor.

Here’s my little tidbits. If you need any additional information regarding anything, I’m available Monday to help in any way I can. Thanks again for your help getting this going again!


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