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Record History:
Individual single-season assists

Current Record Holder:

Niki Hunke: 181

Senior Niki Hunke dished six assists against Logan View in the first round of the 2001 East Husker Tournament, giving her 120 on the year and surpassing Janet Emaneul's record that had stood for nearly two decades. Hunke ended the year with 181 assists, with many of them lobs to all-time leading scorer Katie Blacketer.

Previous record holders:
118 - Janet Emanuel 1981-1982
90- Janet Emanuel 1980-1981

Top all-time single-season assist marks:
181 - Niki Hunke 2000-2001
118 - Janet Emanuel 1981-1982
101 - Donna Chvatal 1981-1982
90- Janet Emanuel 1980-1981

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