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Allgood hops, skips, jumps into record book

by Nathan Arneal
Published 5/8/13

After waking up with flu-like symptoms last Tuesday [April 30, 2013], Alexis Allgood entered the Bergan Invite that afternoon just hoping to survive the day.

Well, she didn’t. The junior went home sick after her first two events. But to her credit, she did manage to make history before leaving.

Her first triple jump of the day measured 34-10, a new personal best. She knew she was knocking on the door of the 35-foot barrier, a plateau that would make it known she was a legit contender at the state meet.

Alexis Allgood triple jumpOn her next jump, she didn’t break through the 35-foot barrier as much as she leapt past it completely.

“I looked back and I knew it was far,” Allgood said of her second jump. “I thought it was like 35-3. Then he read it and I was, ‘OK, I guess it’s not 35-3.’”

The measurement came in at 36 feet, 1 inch. Not only did that add more than a foot to her personal best, it also broke the school record of 35-7.75, a mark Samantha Renter hit while winning the 2008 state championship.

Coach Jeff Voss, who had been watching the high jump, came over to the triple jump pit just in time to see the record-breaking jump.

“It was just as fluid as can be and you knew it was a good jump,” he said. “It was just one of those things where she just popped it.”

While Allgood had been steadily improving her triple jump marks inch by inch this season, the explosion all the way to 36-1 caught her by surprise, especially considering the way she was feeling.

“I don’t have any words for it,” she said. “I thought I was going to do bad today. I just feel super weak, and I don’t know where it came from, but I guess it was there.”

Sickness aside, Voss said the conditions were right for Allgood to break out after setting a personal best of 34-9 at the conference meet in North Bend three day earlier.

“The other day she jumped pretty well,” Voss said, “and to be honest our surface (at NBC) isn’t the best jumping surface, but everything was over 34 feet. It was a good series. Finally having warm weather and being on the right surface today, it all came together.”

The coach said the game plan this season has been to save Allgood’s legs as much as possible. In most meets, she doesn’t attempt more than four jumps. He also points to an increase in speed and strength that’s been evident throughout her junior season.

“I’m excited for her because she works her tail off,” Voss said. “She’s really learned how to be fluid through each phase and how to finish it. She’s taken it very serious, and she’s always on the board. I think it was a goal of hers, but I don’t think she was expecting it today. Now she can try to break her own record again.”

Allgood also had a jump of 35-6 at Bergan. She then ran the 400, placing second, before giving into her illness and heading home. She said it was her goal to crack 36 feet this season. Now with that accomplished, she hopes to add a state medal in the triple jump to her collection. Voss said that is certainly possible.

“(The record) was kind of a surprise, but we’ll try to keep it going for her,” Voss said. “And it will. She’ll be there for districts and state. You jump at that level at state you’re going to have a good chance to be in the mix right at the top of that thing.”

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