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What is twitter?

Twitter is way of broadcasting short, timely messages. You can "follow" twitter messages (called "tweets" by the cool kids) of your friends, favorite businesses, etc., online or with your cell phone.

How does the Eagle use Twitter?

The most popular use of Twitter by the Eagle is with our sports updates. If you can't make it to a North Bend Central game and it doesn't happen to be on TV that night, the Eagle will post live score updates from games. Sometimes we will post score updates before the actual scoreboard at the game does. So if you can't make it to an away game, or you have grandparents living in Florida that want to see how the Tigers are going, the Eagle's twitter is a great way for them to follow the action. For games an Eagle reporter is at, you will get at least quarterly score updates, if not more. For games we are not at in person, we will still usually post final scores.

The Eagle also posts obituary/death notices as soon as we get them. This way you can get funeral information in case the funeral happens before the next print edition of the Eagle.

We also post other handy reminders and updates.


Get Eagle tweets on your phone.
You can get Eagle tweets on your phone.

How do I follow the Eagle's twitter?

The easiest way is to follow the Eagle with your own Twitter account. You can sign up for your own twitter account. It's free and easy. Go to and click "sign up." Then you can choose to follow the Eagle, or anyone else you want to. You do not have to post your own twitter messages to follow other people's tweets. Once you follow people, their tweets will show up on your twitter home page.

If you don't have a Twitter account, you can visit and read the latest updates in the black and gold twitter box. The most recent tweets will be displayed there.

You can see all the Eagle's tweets by going to

Can I get Eagle tweets texted to my cell phone?

No. This used to be a feature Twitter offered, but this service is no longer available.

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