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Pro bowler wows, entertains North Bend crowd

by Nathan Arneal
published 8/13/08

With a combination of strikes, trick shots, pointers and high fives, Parker Bohn III put a lot of smiles on the faces of bowling fans both young and old Saturday.

Dodger Bowl celebrated its one-year anniversary in North Bend by hosting the PBA hall of famer and two-time PBA player of the year. Bohn’s appearance coincided with a youth tournament that drew 62 bowlers from around the region. As the tournament progressed, Bohn rolled a game on each lane, giving the young bowlers a chance to meet the pro and exchange plenty of high fives.

Parker Bohn III signs an augtoraph for a fan
Parker Bohn III signs Brady Juhl's t-shirt. Bohn signed well over a hundred pictures, shoes, shirts and bolwing pins.

“I have a great time coming to Small Town, USA,” said Bohn, a native of New Jersey. “Small towns are really the ones that appreciate you, and unfortunately they’re the ones that don’t get the benefit of seeing a professional live, regardless of what the sport is.”

Bohn began his visit by meeting with the North Bend youth bowling club where he answered questions and shared some advice. Most of his message to the young bowlers focused on the mental side of the game.

“I thought it was a great experience,” 14-year old Blane Zeleny said. “He taught me some things about being confident and just going out there and not getting too frustrated.”

Allison Hansen, a 12-year old who has only been bowling for about a year and a half, said Bohn showed her how to adjust her technique to get more speed on her throws. She also enjoyed joking around with someone she has seen compete on TV several times.

“He’s on TV sometimes and it’s cool that he’s actually here and talking to you and everything,” Hansen said. “He’s really funny.”

Bohn seemed to get just as much enjoyment out of interacting with the kids as they did. It reminded him of when he started bowling.

“I was eight years old and one day my mom took me bowling,” Bohn said, “and needless to say, I’ve pulled her pant leg to take me back ever since.”

After the tournament was over, Bohn entertained the crowd with several trick shots.

Though his obligation in North Bend ended at 8 p.m., Bohn stuck around as the crowd dwindled, posing for pictures, signing even more autographs and even giving a private lesson or two. It was well past 10:30 p.m. by the time he left for his hotel in Omaha.

Randy Dodge, owner of Dodger Bowl and head coach of the North Bend bowling club, was thoroughly pleased with the day.

“Everyone seemed to have a really good time with it,” he said. “Especially with the trick shots. The kids’ eyes just lit up when some of that stuff happened.”

The next time Parker Bohn III completes on the PBA tour, he will have a lot of new fans cheering him on in North Bend, even if they won’t get to slap him a high five after a strike.

“I thought it was just a lot better than seeing him on TV because you got to know how his personality is and getting to talk to him and ask questions,” Blane Zeleny said. “I just thought it was really cool.”

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