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Posted 7/15/08

>>See video shot the next day on the crop damage by the storm.

All hail breaks loose

by Nathan Arneal
posted 7/16/08

Around 5:30 Tuseday evening the people living north of North Bend noticed winds picked up, signaling the beginning of this week's damaging storm. Soon the winds were blowing 60 to 70 miles per hour and driving small hail and rain.

Tony Bentley holds hailstones that fell on his place seven miles north of North Bend Tuesday evening. He said he saw hail bigger than this during the storm.

"My first thought was 'My God, we're having a tornado,'" said Tony Bentley, who was outside his home seven miles north of North Bend when the storm struck. "That's when the floaties (blown from the backyard pool) flew by and I knew it was time to head inside. That's about when the limb broke off the tree."

After about 35 to 45 minues of small hail, the storm let up, allowing Bentley a chance to run out and move his car into the garage. It was a good thing he did.

"I was standing out here (in the driveway) and it let up for about five or 10 minutes," Bentley said. "Then the big stuff came down."

North Bend- 2.2 to 2.8 in.
Bluff 5 mi. north of NB- 4.25 to 5 in.
County Rd. L 8 mi. north- 1.25 in.

At 7:13, the "big stuff, "golf ball to baseball size hail, rained down from the churning, greenish sky. Bentley moved into the house where he could do nothing but listen to the noise and hope the windows held up.

"It sounded pretty bad," he said. "I thought the windows were going to break. I've never seen hail that big before."

Meanwhile, North Bend was still relatively calm. Around 7:30 p.m., darker clouds were quickly moving in from the ongoing storm in the north, with heavy rains soon following and winds that littered streets and yards with fallen tree limbs.

Most of the hail damage appears to have been done in a swath five to seven miles north of North Bend, an area that was spared from a damaging hail storm that passed just two miles farther north just a week and a half ago.

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