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Armed robber hits Shawsky's

by Nathan Arneal
posted 11/26/08

At approximately 8:20 p.m. Wednesday night (Nov. 26), Shawsky’s Liquor Mart on Highway 30 in North Bend was robbed at gun point.

“The guy came in wearing a grey hooded sweatshirt carrying a gun and told (the clerk) to give him all the money,” Shawsky’s owner Matt Shaw said. “He got the money and when she started going for the checks he said ‘No checks, no checks.”

The robber left the store with the money and headed west into the darkness. The clerk did not see if he got into a car or not.

Shaw said he wouldn’t know how much cash was stolen until he went through the receipts. He did say that it was probably a good day to rob the store because business had been heavy because of the Thanksgiving holiday the following day.

More than 10 Dodge County Sheriff and State Patrol units responded to the call.

Dodge County Sheriff Steve Hespen said there’s not much to go on at this point. Shawsky’s has no security cameras. The Sheriff’s office did lift some fingerprints from the door of the liquor store, but they are unsure if they came from the perpetrator.

The Shawsky’s robbery is the latest in a wave of robberies in the area. The night before the Shawsky’s robbery a convenience store in Arlington was held up. The night before that, a convenience store in Fremont was hit. Hespen said it is unclear at this point if the robberies are connected.

“We’ll compare the descriptions and what happened here with the reports from the other law enforcement agencies and see if we can make a determination as to wether or not they’re related,” Hespen said.

Hespen also urged anyone who may have seen anything around the time of the incident to call his office at 402-727-2700, or if the caller wishes to remain anonymous, they can call Crime Stoppers at 402-727-4002.

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