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Official final election results

School board recount confirms results

by Nathan Arneal
posted 11/21/08

A recount was conducted Thursday, Nov. 20, in the three counties that make up the North Bend Central school district. The count was made necessary because of the two-vote margin between Mike Borer and Lisa Voss for the third and final seat on the NBC Dist. 595 school board.

Official final results
Elected to City Council:
Kevin Ferguson
Jeff Kluthe

Elected to NBC Board:
Dan Wesely
Jim Dake
Mike Borer

Elected to Dodge Co. Board:
Ken Walter

Rural tax support for Libraries: Failed

NB Ordinance to ban fluoridation: Failed

All three counties report that the recount did not change their original official numbers, thus confirming Borer's two-vote victory and election to the NBCPS Board of Education. Borer received 403 Dodge County votes, 153 Saunders Co. votes and no Colfax County votes for a total of 556. Voss received 441 Dodge County, 111 Saunders County and two Colfax County votes for a total of 554.

The results from the Nov. 4 election were declared official by Dodge County Clerk Fred Mytty Monday, Nov. 10. The totals listed below are the official final results in North Bend's local races.

The major change from the unofficial results to the official results came in the North Bend Central school board race. As of Wednesday Nov. 5, the unofficial results showed Mike Borer and Lisa Voss tied for the final seat with 548 votes each. The official results, which include provisional ballots not counted in the unofficial totals, gave Borer the final seat by a two-vote margin at 555 votes to 553. The mandatory recount on Nov. 20 confirmed that result.

Note: The totals listed below for the school board are different from the totals published in the Nov. 12 Eagle. On Nov. 12 we received corrected results from Saunders County. The only changes made were that Jim Dake, Mike Borer and Lisa Voss each received one additional vote.

North Bend Central #595 School Board
Totals include Dodge, Saunders and Colfax votes

For three open seats:
Dan Wesely- 851
Jim Dake- 604
Mike Borer- 556
Lisa Voss- 554
Jeff Alderson- 457
Mel Kreitman- 388

North Bend City Council

Two open seats:
Kevin Ferguson- 418
Jeff Kluthe- 193
Mike Williams- 109
Henry Rahlfs- 25

Dodge County Board of Supervisors Dist. 4

One open seat:
Ken Walter (R)- 1,252
Dean Lux (D)- 1,019

Nebraska Legislature Dist. 15

Charlie Janssen (R)- 8,351
Richard Register (D)- 6,350

Rural Tax support for Dodge County libraries

No- 1,667
Yes- 1,181

North Bend City ordinance to ban water fluoridation

Against- 254
For- 231

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