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2008 Homecoming Royalty
Samantha Renter and Daniel Ahl were the 2008 NBC Homecoming queen and king.

Renter, Ahl: Straight tak? Yes, they can!

by Nathan Arneal, Senior Political Correspondent
posted 10/7/08

Decision '08

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The waiting is over, the balloons have fallen, and the people have spoken.
In what many politicos are calling “the most important Homecoming election of our lives,” Samantha Renter and Danny Ahl won in what may or may not have been a landslide vote.

The road to the throne wasn’t smooth by any means. Both winners raised eyebrows around the district by not participating in any televised debates. Renter said her decision was a strategic one, pointing out that the camera adds ten pounds, and she was worried about fitting into her dress.

Renter became famous for entering her campaign rallies with V.I.C.’s “Get Silly” blaring from speakers, hoping that the silliness of Sam would appeal to the voters.

Ahl opted for a more classical approach, using Journey’s “Anyway You Want It” as his theme song.

As has been widely reported, the Homecoming committee decided to punish the voters from Ames when they cast their votes before going through the lunch line, instead of afterwards as protocol requires. Thanks in part to intervention on Renter and Ahl’s part, the Ames delegation was seated at the Homecoming convention after hours of back room wrangling. Ahl thinks his show of mercy helped swing key undecided votes.

“I was always friendly to everyone so they would want me to be king,” Ahl said.

The queen gets crownedSamantha Renter is crowned queen during Friday night's (Oct. 3) coronation. Critics question whether she has the foreign policy experience necessary for the job.

Despite the positive momentum built up by the candidates and their eloquent, emotional speaking styles, many critics pointed to their lack of experience as a drawback. Neither Renter nor Ahl have ever served as a king or queen before, though Ahl pointed out that he was King of the Mountain for an entire recess period in the third grade.

“It doesn’t matter what people say,” Renter said, “as long as the crown fits.”

The lack of experience may not have hurt as much as some pundits thought it would. With Arlington coming to town for the Homecoming football game, many voters were looking for someone who could be looked at as Washington County outsider.

Now that they’ve ascended to the highest office in the land, the newly crowned couple has three-dollars-plus gas prices, a floundering economy and a chaotic foreign policy awaiting them.

As far as dealing with crises abroad, Renter said she will seek diplomatic solutions first and foremost.

“Mr. Rogers believed in a friendly neighborhood and so do I,” she said.
Though she had a hard time naming many state senators from eastern Nebraska, she did point out that she could see Saunders County from her

Domestically, Renter said she would raise taxes to fix all the dips in town. In addition, she would also like to fix the bumps in the roads. Any leftover tax revenue would go toward building a shelter to house all the stray cats and dogs around town.

On the other hand, Ahl said he was opposed to raising taxes, hinting that the gridlock that marred the Spath-Lodl administration may continue.
Both Renter and Ahl expressed the desire for a bipartisan administration. Ahl even said he would be open to having his election opponents serve under him. To make use of their senses of humor, he suggested they could serve as his court jesters.

Renter said she will use her time in office to prepare for a run at the 2012 presidential election, while Ahl is going to introduce a constitutional amendment that would allow him to run for reelection at the Snowball dance.

Queen Renter is the daughter of Duane and Linda Renter and is active in volleyball, basketball, track, dance team, student council, science club, Spanish club and NB club at NBC.

King Ahl is the son of Donald Ahl and Gloria Pospisil. He participates in football, chorus, show choir, Spanish club, NB Club and National Honor Society.

“Oh, yeah,” Renter said on her way to her inauguration parade, “I want world peace, too.”

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