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Council approves pay increases, sheriff contract on split votes

by Nathan Arneal
posted 9/5/08

The North Bend City Council departed from its usual string of unanimous votes during its Sept. 2 meeting.

Toward the end of the meeting the Council voted to go into executive session to discuss pay raises for city employees.

When the closed session ended, Mayor Karan Legler announced the following pay raises: library employees 30 cents per hour, city clerk Theresa Busse 75 cents, maintenance man Larry Hilliard $1.25, council members $500 per year and the mayor $500 per year.

Councilman Al Wochnik made a motion to approve the raises, but when Legler asked for a second, she was met with silence. After 20 seconds and a second prompt from Legler, Councilman Renee Rasmussen seconded the motion.

When put to a vote, Wochnick voted ‘yes,’ and Councilman Kevin Ferguson voted ‘no.’ Saying she “couldn’t quite decide,” Rasmussen abstained. With Councilman Mark Johnson absent from the meeting, Legler voted ‘yes’ to break the tie and pass the pay raises 2-1.

The pay increases for the councilmen and mayor do not go into effect until the Council passes an ordinance, which requires three separate reading, meaning the process would take at least a month and a half.

Earlier in the meeting, Legler read Resolution No. 392, which authorizes the mayor to extend the city’s contract with the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office for police services for another three years.

Wochnick, who has voted against similar resolutions in the past, said that he was not satisfied with the services provided by the Sheriff’s Department. Ferguson pointed out that North Bend had no viable alternative.

The resolution passes 2-1 with Ferguson and Rasmussen voting in favor and Wochnick against.
In other Council business:

• The Council heard plans presented by Wendy Dodge of Dodger Bowl for an anniversary celebration. The event, which is set for July 5, 2009, would included closing part of Maple Street immediately west of Dodger Bowl for a street dance. The Council had no objections, but said Dodger Bowl would need to get permission from the fire department to close the street.

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