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Capital campaingn kicks off with $85,000 in pledges

by Mary Le Arneal
posted 12/09/09

The North Bend Library Building Fund is in the process of raising $1.2 million to build a new library in North Bend. A capital campaign has started to get local residents and library patrons to contribute to the dream of providing a new library in North Bend.

For more on the drive for a new library, including pictures of what the new building will look like, click here.

The Capital Campaign began this month with $85,000 already pledged. At the November meeting of the North Bend Area Community Foundation, the NBACF heard a grant request presented by Jana Post from the Capital Campaign Committee and started the campaign with a $10,000 grant.

Since then other large pledges have come from Platte Valley Bank ($25,000) and Ken and Pat Beebe ($20,000). The city of North Bend will donate $20,000 of keno funds and the North Bend Chamber of Commerce pledged $10,000. There are also other pledges, some wishing to remain anonymous.

“This is a project we really believe in,” Pat Beebe said. “We see young people working so hard on it, from lemonade stands to garage sales. Ken and I want to do our part to make the library a reality.”

According to North Bend Foundation chairman Lon Bohling, the foundation has received nearly $415,000 to date from projects, donations, memorials and pledges, bringing the amount raised one third of the way to the estimated amount needed.

“Some of the money raised has been spent on site survey, architect fees and campaign materials,” Bohling said.

At this time, all contributions to the library fund are invested in the Platte Valley Bank.

A committee is looking at grants for which to apply. One question on many of the grant applications is how the project is supported in the community. This capital campaign, with money raised within the community, is a way that the committee is able to show community support.

“Grantors look at everything as small as the grade school can collection to the Old Settlers barbeque,” capital campaign committee member Mary Buller said. “It shows support from all age groups and different sectors of the community.”

At the Library Foundation meeting Dec. 1, Jana Post was elected to fill an opening following the resignation of Mariann von Rein. Von Rein will remain as financial liaison, receiving and accounting for contributions made to the library fund.

Though the grant committee has been working for some time, there has not been a chairman for the capital campaign effort. At the Foundation meeting, Bohling appointed Jeff Peters to this position.

“I’m excited about the possibilities,” Peters said. “With a new library, good schools, the lake development, I see good on the horizon for North Bend. The capital campaign is the next big push to make the library a reality.”

It is planned that the city will be canvassed by the committee with brochures on the need for the library and pledge cards for individuals to fill out. The goal for the capital campaign is to raise $700,000.

“We hope the community will be generous,” Buller said.

Those donating $50,000 or more will have the opportunity to name one of the four rooms or areas. The genealogical research room has already been named by Dorothy Mines. Other areas available are the multipurpose room, children’s area and computer room. For $100,000 a donor may name the main room of the library and for a $500,000 donation, the donor may name the whole library. There is no minimum or maximum on giving, with goods and services also being accepted. There are different levels of giving, with those giving over $1,000 having their names displayed in the new library.

Peters said that donations of any size are appreciated. Pledges may be made and paid off over a span of years with monthly or quarterly donations.

The grant committee has a goal to raise $300,000. They applied for a $100,000 Nebraska Department of Travel and Tourism grant that they did not receive. Other grants they are applying for include one to the Fremont Area Community Foundation, with plans to apply to Kewit Foundation, Lied Foundation, an enerty grant and, as wel as others.

The Community Development Block Grant can be up to $350,000. This is the reason the attitude and income surveys are being done. Buller said that North Bend has to be under a certain income level to apply for this grant.

“It is important that everyone who received these surveys return them,” Buller said. “This could help our library fund a lot to be able to apply for this grant.”

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