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Kiewit grant puts library $70,000 closer to goal

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 7/7/10

Wednesday morning Deanna Wolf was pessimistic about receiving any grant money from the Peter Kiewit Foundation. It had been too long since the application had been sent in so she felt the funds were not coming.

To her joy, a letter was received that day informing the North Bend Library Foundation that a challenge grant of $75,000 had been awarded

There were certain conditions to the grant. The grant is to be used to complete the project and the funding effort must be completed no later than June 15, 2011.
This is a challenge grant, meaning that $256,251.71 must be raised by June 15, 2011, in order to receive the Kiewit funds.

“We are at 78.8 percent of our goal,” Wolf said. “The community of North Bend, neighbors, alumni and friends constantly and readily contribute for the betterment of our community. A library that is accessible and has space for today’s technology is an ambitious project but a worthwhile cause that has been needed for many years. We are extremely grateful that the Peter Kiewit Foundation, other grantors and donors have invested in our community. ”

The Kiewit Foundation was established in 1980 by the late Peter Kiewit after his death. Applications from Nebraska and eastern Iowa receive preference for funding. There are specific areas in arts, education, children and families, community development, human services that receive grants. There are also specific categories that are excluded from funding.

Through March 2008, $449 million has been given out in 2,059 grants. The grants are structured to ensure that the project will be completed and to help the grantee raise the balance of the funds needed.

Wolf, treasurer for the North Bend Library Foundation, said that in addition to individual donations, the Foundation continues to work on grants from other organizations and businesses.

Others who worked on the grant application were Pat Beebe, Cheryl Kavan, Emily Kirschenmann, Mary Buller and Jana Post. They first met in May of 2008. They have received a number of grants and continue to work on others to build the library.

Other grants pending at this time include one from Pepsi , Monsanto (both which require public participation as detailed in past and future Eagle editions) and Union Pacific.

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