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Local post offices may close

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 8/3/11

Local post offices are being studied for possible closing by the United States Postal Services. Morse Bluff, Prague and Snyder are all being examined. Coming under examination doesn’t necessarily mean a post office will close. So far of those examined nationwide, 280 have been closed and 200 have finished the review and will remain open.

There are 31,871 USPS retail outlets in the United States, down from 38,000 a decade ago. Nationwide, 3,700 post offices are being examined, 90 of them in Nebraska. The number of employees, actual work hours, the proximity to other postal units and income generated are the criteria the agency is using in evaluating future closures.

The closings are a result of the economy and the internet, causing the Postal Services to lose money yearly.

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