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Recycling bin
This new recylcing bin is being used on a trial basis. People dumpin garbage in the old bin prompted the new one.

City tries new recycling bin

by Nathan Arneal
Published 3/9/11

The North Bend City Council decided to try a change in the city’s recycling efforts at its March 1 meeting.

The city’s recycling receptacle, located on Highway 30 south of the Mini-Mart, had been filling up quickly and was being abused. Some people simply dumped their non-recyclable garbage into the bin, which on one occasion included a broken microwave oven.

A city employee was hauling the old recycling bin to Fremont at least once a week.
The new recycling bin, measuring 8-by-21 feet, will have three to four times the capacity of the old bin. The company Waste Management will haul the recycling bin to Fremont when it is full at a cost of $100 per trip.

The city decided to try the new, larger bin for a month, to see if less frequent collection at $100 a trip is more cost effective than a North Bend city employee making a trip to Fremont once a week or more.

The new bin has smaller slots to prevent large bags of garbage being dumped inside. Also, the new slots will require that cardboard boxes be broken down and flattened. In the past, boxes were thrown into the bin without being flattened, which caused the bin to fill up faster.

The new recycling bin was put into place last week and accepts plastic bottles and milk jugs, cans, cardboard and magazines. It does not take glass.
In other council business:

• The total cost to the city for the equipment and construction of a room to house the equipment required to add fluoride to its water was $27,700.

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