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508's proposed zoning changes

Published 9/14/11

Listed below are the proposed zoning changes currently under consideration by the city council in Ordinance 508. The planning commission has made the recommendation to add Nos. 3, 4 and 6. It does not recommend the changes proposed in No. 1, 2 and 5.

1. Accessory structures on lots with a platted alley shall have a rear yard setback of 5 feet (currently 10 feet) from the property line. The rear yard setback on lots with no platted alley shall remain with a 10-foot setback from the property line.

2. Side yards setbacks for accessory structures will be changed from 10 feet to 5 feet.

3. Detached garages with a minimum 8x7 foot door can be placed even with the principal building, but must meet the required front yard setback of 35 feet in low density residential zones, 25 feet in medium to high residential zones, and 25 feet in lakeside residential zones. Each must have a paved driveway with cement or asphalt, otherwise it must follow the accessory building setback of 50 feet.

4. Fence addition - Fences placed along back lot lines or running along a platted alley or driveway must follow a 15-foot sight triangle measured from the property lines at the corners entering a street.

5. Fence addition - A fence six feet or less in height may be placed along the corner side yard property line, using proper sight triangle on street sides.

6. Under Building/Zoning permits - added to F: Property owners that build on city property or easements shall have approval from the city and will be responsible for removal of property and be responsible for any and all damages of their property if work by city and utility companies is required.

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