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NBC website hacked

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 2/25/15

On Thursday, Feb. 19, North Bend Central technology coordinator Jim Cody saw something on the school web site that was not a tiger.

Around noon students reported that when they pulled up the web site on mobile devices, the site came up, but once it finished loading, it immediately redirected to a pornographic web site. The hack was sophisticated enough where once you had viewed the NBC site on your mobile device, the next time nbtiger came up you might be sent to another porn site.

Cody immediately shut down the server, but Cody and his assistant Nicole Rasmussen had to temporarily bring the server back up throughout the afternoon to troubleshoot.

“We troubleshot the problem until around 2:30 when we finally took the site down completely,” Cody said.

They tested the solution and it fixed the problem on phones and tablets that had already been compromised, but the porn site still came up on new devices. Cody shut down the server for the day.

The Nebraska State Patrol was notified and Cody talked to them on Friday and again on Monday.

“It’s just like a murder,” he said. “They have to collect all the clues.”

Cody figured out how the hack happened by reviewing his logs.

“It came from somewhere outside the country,” Cody said. “There was someone in the Ukraine that had 3,500 attempted connections to (NBC’s) server. However, from the 15th to the 19th they tried connecting over 21,000 times.”

Cody said the way the network is set up there are different servers and networks for different kinds of information. Students grades, social security numbers and other confidential information were not compromised.

“If one network is compromised, it should not have a ripple effect to other servers,” Cody said. “We are rebuilding a new server and taking some extra security measures to protect the server. We are moving data over as to not run into an issue where we may miss some of the hacked code and have this happen again.”

The State Patrol continues to investigate the incident.

“It was an embarrassing situation,” NBC superintendent Dan Endorf said, “and we apologize for any inconvenience. However, the good news is that students’ records and confidential information were not compromised through this situation.”

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