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Architect Bob Soukup, center, superintendant Dan Endorf and maintenance man Galen Uhing discuss the progress of the new office space at NBE last week with contractors from B3 Building Group. School starts Tuesday for North Bend school.

Changes at NBE to help secruity, work flow

by Nathan Arneal
Published 8/8/18

It will be harder to get into NBC Elementary School this year, and that’s by design.

Meanwhile, other changes to the building are designed to make it easier for parents and staff to get around and work with each other.

NBE floorplan

A $203,000 project nearing completion has completely overhauled the commons and office area at NBE.

The commons area, which hosted after-school activities and served as the cafeteria until the 2014 school addition, is now the main office area. The previous main office has been converted into the nurse’s office. The school psychologist and the special ed coordinator will have offices next to the nurse’s office. Formerly, these three people were scattered all over the building. The nurse’s station was on the north end of the building, about as far as you can get from the main entrance.

“It’s really exciting to have everything up at the front here,” NBE principal Tessie Beaver said. “It’s going to be a hub where parents can check in with (secretary) Pat (Peters), come and get their child, so we’re not going to have sick kids walking down the hallway.”

In the old setup, Peters manned the office herself and was responsible for buzzing people into the building after they pressed a button at the entrance, which meant she always had to be manning her station.

“Sometimes I’d try to quick get some lunch and I’d get back and there would be people waiting for me (at the door) and I’d feel bad,” Peters said. “I thought, ‘They have to give me a break once in a while,’ so that will be nice.”

Now, with the nurses’s office next to the main office, health tech Marla Klinzing will be able to assist Peters when no one is in the nurse’s office.

The entrance has also been redone to add more security.

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