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Orderly organizing obsession now a business

by Molly Nicola
Published 1/3/18

Between the hustle and bustle of the holidays, the cleanliness of the house may have been put on the back burner. But not for Mindy Ruzicka. She has always been organized. Ever since she got her very own bedroom as a little girl, she kept her belongings in a very orderly fashion. Fast forward a couple years and here she is today with an extremely spotless, organized home.

“I think being organized is important,” Ruzicka stated. “It saves you time and allows you to spend your time doing things you love rather than wasting 10 minutes looking for your car keys”

Ruzicka organizing
Mindy Ruzicka poses in front of a coat closet she has organized in her home. She started her own organizing business called Orderly Fashion Organizing.

Ruzicka followed her passion and opened her own business Orderly Fashion Organizing.

“The job I have done for 20 years now is not my passion anymore and [organizing] is something I love to do so why not make it a profession and help people?” she said.

And that’s just it. If Ruzicka can help in any way, she is happy.

“I go in and help people declutter and organize their homes without judgement,” Ruzicka said

Decluttering and organizing isn’t all she does. Ruzicka also offers a service package for those moving and another service for those who want to organize their own belongings, but need help getting started with suggestions.

Whether it’s for people who are moving away or just arrived, she can help in both scenarios. Orderly Fashion Organizing offers a moving package for decluttering and packing and another for unpacking and organizing.

“I know a lot of people dread moving,” Ruzicka said, “and I know a lot of people don’t know where to start so they just throw stuff into boxes, but if you have it organized and go room by room and label everything, then when it’s time to unpack, you’re not like, ‘Where’s my coffee maker?’”

For those who would like to do it all themselves, but need that little nudge to get started, Orderly Fashion Organizing can come in and do a 60 to 90-minute walk through and write up a detailed list of suggestions for your home, business office and oh, yes, closets.

“Closets!” Ruzicka exclaimed, “I love closets. Closets are my favorite. I don’t care if it’s a bedroom closet, coat closet, laundry room closet, I love closets. They’re my favorite.”


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