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Locals filing for elected positions

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 1/10/18

It’s that time of years again. We have them every two years, and 2018 is an election year.

In the local area, there are openings on the North Bend City Council and North Bend Central school board. Whether these positions will be voted on during the May primary election or just the November general election will depend on the number of people who file to run. If the number of candidates is more than double the amount of open seats, a primary will be held.

North Bend will be seeking a new mayor, as incumbent Jeff Kluthe has already stated his intention not to seek re-election. Kluthe was installed on the city council in February 2008 and named mayor Sept. 1, 2009, following the resignation of the previous mayor, Karen Legler.

The terms of North Bend city councilmen Emily Kirschenman and Tom Mullally will be expiring. They have until Feb. 15 to file for reelection.

Three members of the NBC school board will see their terms expire this year: Jeff Bauer, Jeff Peters and Dan Wesely. As incumbents they have until Feb. 15 to file for reelection.

Anyone within the city limits or school district who is interested in one of these positions has until March 1 to file for election as a non-incumbent.

Morse Bluff will have two seats up for election on its village board, but like all villages, they won’t be voted upon until November. Non-incumbants have until Aug. 1 to file for election to the Morse Bluff board.

Township boards will be voted upon in November with a filing deadline of July 15 for incumbents and August 1 for non-incumbents. Citizens who have already filed for reelection to local township boards include Greg Beebe, Steve Dvorak - both for Cotterell Twp.; Zach Taylor, Adam Taylor - both for Platte; Mark Holub - Pleasant Valley; and Jack Aspy - Maple.

Those running for election in the Ddoge County government include Linda Nelson of Hooper for Clerk of District Court, Fred Mytty for County Clerk, and Carol Givens for Register of Deeds. These are all incumbents.

A newcomer is Gail Bargstadt who has filed to run for Dodge County Treasurer.
Anyone who is not holding an elected office or has been appointed to an elective office is considered a non-incumbent and has until March. 1 to file for and elected office.

To see what the other offices that are up for election openings around Dodge County in the 2018 election, see the Public Notice on page 5 of the Jan. 10, 2018, Eagle.


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