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Ownership changes, service continues

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 1/10/18

North Bend Physical Therapy changed ownership on Nov. 21, but little else has changed.

Mark Otte, MPT, and Adam Mercant, PTA, will still be working at the North Bend Physical Therapy Clinic. Behind them are some of the machines for use in patient therapy.

NBPT was opened in January 2013 by East Central Nebraska Physical Therapy out of David City. The news owners are Nannen and Harte Physical Therapy of Blair, which also owns physical therapy clinics in Blair, Tekamah and at the Jewish Community Center in Omaha. They also recently purchased the PT clinic in Schuyler.

“It was a good opportunity to keep going and growing,” physical therapist Matthew Thomas said. He is one of the four owners of Nannen and Harte PT.
Thomas said there will be little change in the clinic, including its employees.

Physical therapist Mark Otte, MPT, and physical therapy assistant Adam Merchant will continue to work at the North Bend clinic as well as the Schuyler clinic.

At this time the physical therapist is in North Bend Monday mornings and all day on Wednesday and Friday. The clinic is also open Tuesday and Thursday with the physical therapy aides Trudy Reiss, Judy Healy or Pat Ruzicka there.

Thomas said that the plan is to hire a new physical therapist in the next six months so that the North Bend clinic can be open full time.

“We’re a small town clinic,” Thomas said. “The North Bend and Schuyler clinics are a good size and fit for community and clinic like we like to serve.”

Thomas said the goal is to make sure to help people get better. The clinic can be contacted at 402-652-8201.


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