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Park statues get touched up

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 7/4/18

The statues at the North Bend Veteran’s Park have no trouble standing solemn watch in any kind of weather.

Veterans Park StatuesThe statue representing women in the military at the Veterans Park has a new black coating on the concrete base. See it in the sunshine to appreciate the flecks of bronze in the new dark covered bases.

However, their concrete bases needed a little help.

Sandy Vosler of Vosler’s Rustorations has added a coat of “ultimate liner” to the base of the statues, covering the concrete that was starting to show wear.

“It’s a polyurea product developed to protect inside water towers,” Vosler said. “When they realized how strong it was they started using it in other areas.”

This product was developed in the 1960s, but the technique was so expensive to apply it was not used very much until the 1980s and 1990s.

Vosler developed his own machine for application. The distributor for the product saw photos of Vosler’s final product.

“He was blown away with all I could do,” Vosler said.

He can inject color during the actual process, inject metal flakes and spray a material over it to make it smooth, textured or semi-smooth.

Vosler, a 2005, graduate of North Bend Central, attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln studying engineering and welding engineering. When a professor came in and told his class ‘good luck with the tough economy’ he struck out on his own, gaining experiences with welding, robots, computer boards, gaining a basic understanding of the fundamentals of designing a machine.

Vosler has applied for a patent on his machine, a long and expensive process, he said. It is now listed as “Patent Pending.” He is very protective of his machine, not allowing it to be photographed for fear of his idea being stolen.

At the Veteran’s Park the plan was to do this protective coat last fall. It was approved by the Veterans Park board, but the weather did not cooperate. Again this spring, the weather was a deterrent.


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