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Board considering security

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 7/18/18

Dodge County Sheriff Steve Hespen and Deputy Brie Frank addressed the North Bend Central Public Schools Board of Education at the July 9 meeting.

They spoke about the possibility of hiring a School Resource Officer. A SRO is a career law enforcement officer in a community-oriented policing assignment of working with schools.

The goals of an SRO would be to foster positive relationships with youth through teaching, counseling and as a law enforcement officer. The benefits were listed as minimization of property damage in school, preventing violence and drug overdoses, reducing need for school to call 911, and a feeling of safety for students, staff and others.

It was proposed that the school would pay the SRO nine months and the county would pay the other three months. Hespen suggested that NBC could share the SRO with Logan View, and therefore split the cost.

“The Dodge County Sheriff’s Office has initiated the discussion about an SRO,” Superintendent Dan Endorf said. “Sheriff Hespen and Deputy Frank deserve credit for bringing together Logan View and NBC schools for this worthwhile safety upgrade.”

The board was open to the suggestion but tabled it until all board members were present. Board members Bob Feurer and Jeff Peters were absent.
Superintendent Dan Endorf told the board that Bill Stuart of Central City has been contracted to erect the greenhouse. Billy Chromy and Roland Kavan have been doing dirt work in advance of the construction.

The board reviewed facilities plans for the past three years and the next two years. It was decided that they would concentrate on getting the elementary school updated before making further plans.

The board reviewed the lunch program and decided to raise the cost of lunches by five cents That would make it $2.60 for elementary students, $2.85 for secondary students and $3.55 for adults. The cost of breakfast would remain at $1.70. This would still be in line with statewide average lunch and breakfast charges.

Elementary principal Tessie Beaver reported on the Blue Ribbon School award that NBE has been nominated for. If everything goes as planned, she will be attending the awards ceremony Nov. 7-8 in Washington, D.C.

The board accepted the resignation of preschool teacher Morgan Root. She has been at NBE for five years and set up the Tiger Cub preschool. Kelsi Anderson, a December 2017 graduate from Wayne State College with a degree in education and endorsements in elementary with early childhood education, was hired to fill the preschool position.

Endorf noted that there are three to four para professionals not returning next year and that this might be a time to eliminate one of the positions. The board approved the hiring of Anderson and reduction in paras.

Endorf addressed the board about an academic wall mural on the east wall in the hallway to the cafeteria. This would replace the static display of record holders that has been removed and replace by an electronic display in Tiger Arena. This mural would entail the history of North Bend schools. The board approved $5,000 for the mural.

The next meeting will be held Aug. 13, 7:30 p.m., at NBC.


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