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McVickers' 61 years wins Loving Cup

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 6/27/18

The McVicker family first settled in the North Bend area in 1869. Dean McVicker is a third generation ‘Bender. Though he now lives in Bellevue, he frequently comes back to the Old Settlers celebration. Two particular Old Settlerses have been profitable for him.

Loving Cup winnersDean and Darlene McVicker met at Old Settlers in 1952. At this year’s Old Settlers they won the Loving Cup for being the longest married couple at the community worship service.

At Old Settlers in 1952 he met a girl from Prague, Darlene Novak. And in 2018, he and Darlene won the Loving Cup for the longest married couple at Old Settlers.

McVicker and Novak were just 16 and 14 when they met in 1952. It wasn’t until two years later that they had their first date on a Ferris wheel at a Morse Bluff celebration.

Dean graduated from North Bend High School in 1953 (they were back for his 65-year class reunion this year), attended Midland College for two years then joined the Navy. Before he left in April 1956 for a 13-month deployment, he proposed to Darlene. During that time they spoke by telephone once (from Hong Kong, it cost $20!) but mostly planned the wedding via mail. They were married May 18, 1957, at the Prague Presbyterian Church.

Dean had another year in the Navy and was stationed in San Diego where Darlene was able to join him.

When they returned he began working as a production manager in Bellevue, retiring in 2006.

Darlene stayed home to raise their five children: Greg now of Lincoln, Gail of Oletha, Kan., Dan of Bellevue, Dave of Papillion and Kelly of Des Moines, Iowa.
Dean said that his grandfather was one of the originators of the Loving Cup, but he is the first family member to win it.

When asked the secret to their lasting marriage, they agreed with each other on the answers.

“If there is a problem, forgive and forget,” Darlene said. “And a good sense of humor.”

“We can thank our church for some of it,” Dean said. They are active members of the Avery Presbyterian Church in Bellevue.

The McVickers have lots of good memories of Old Settlers. Dean played on the town baseball team so the city park has always been a fun place. They will be back again, keeping the memories alive.


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