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City considers mobile home park before its sale

by Nathan Arneal
Published 3/7/18

The main topic of conversation at the Feb. 27 North Bend Panning Commission meeting was the future of the Westward-Ho mobile home park.

The park, located at the western end of Eighth Avenue, was owned by the late Jim Coen and will be auctioned off on March 30.

The Westward-Ho mobile home park on the west side of North Bend will be sold later this month. The city is examining what changes it can make to ordinances regarding trailer parks in North Bend.

The park is mostly empty, but about four mobile homes have been moved in during the last year, city clerk Theresa Busse said.

“There’s going to be this huge housing crunch that’s going to hit Dodge County real soon,” commission member Alex Legge said, “and if there’s 24 slots for trailers, there will be 24 trailers going in there if the right person buys it.”

Busse said the space allows for closer to 12 to 16 trailers. She said her main concern is that there is not a curb stop for each lot to turn water on and off, as regulations require. Currently one curb stop controls the entire park. Turning water off for a property requires a city official to crawl underneath a mobile home and remove the water meter manually, Busse said.

Another problem is each home is required to have an elevation certificate, and none of the current homes there do.

“FEMA will write the city up for not being on top of that,” Busse said. “So we’ve got to enforce that. I mean, it’s no different than building a new home.”

Busse said she talked to Chuck Case, the Floodplain Outreach Coordinator for the Nebraska Department of Natural Resources. He said many towns do not allow trailer parks at all because of a propensity for flood waters to wash mobile homes off their pads and into other properties.

A brief mention was made about the city buying the property and making it a RV camp ground, but the idea lacked much support.

Legge asked Busse if the city council could pass an ordinance to ban mobile home parks in North Bend.

She said it could, but she was unclear if the ordinance would affect Westward-Ho since it already exists or if it would be grandfathered in. She said she is trying to find an answer to that question from state officials.

Westward-Ho is zoned as high density residential but is surrounded by low density residential ground. Planning commission members indicated to Busse that they would like to recommend that zoning regulations be changed so as not to allow mobile home parks. However, an official recommendation cannot be made without a public hearing.

The commission scheduled another meeting for March 19 so they could hold a hearing and make a recommendation to the city council before its March 20 meeting.


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