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Morse Bluff farmer Dan Wesely, far left, and others talk with Senator Ben Sasse, red tie, during one of his recent trips to Washington, D.C.

Local farmer sees world promoting ag

Published 3/21/18

Morse Bluff farmer Dan Wesely is serving his second year president of the Nebraska Corn Growers Association.

“To say I have been busy the past few weeks might be an understatement,” Wesely said. “I have been to Anaheim, California, for the Commodity Classic, Boston to visit biochemical companies, and Washington D.C., twice.”

Wesely is active on an action team with National Corn Growers. Nebraska has just under 20 members on the action team that deals with advocating for corn through livestock and looking for new uses for corn.

“This challenge has led me to travels from coast to coast to visit with biochemical companies,” Wesely said. “Our goal was to find new uses that will use 75 million bushels of corn by 2020.”

Wesely said they have had some luck in finding several companies that have that ability and more.

Wesely’s trips to Washington, D.C. have been for different but similar reasons. The first was with a Corn Growers leadership mission. This is when potential leaders visit D.C., get training on how to do a visit with a congressman or senator and then do group visits with them. The trip includes visits to the U.S. Grains Council, Pork Federation, Field to Market and several others. They take a night time marathon walk to see some of the monuments and go to the Nebraska breakfast to see their representatives on more relaxed terms.

Wesely said almost all the attendees will say they can’t believe how much respect the Corn Growers get in D.C.

“The main goal is to identify new leaders,” Wesely said. “This is where many get their start. It is where I got involved with Corn Growers. There continues to be the need for leaders who will advocate for agriculture.”

Some of the hot topics they discuss are the tariff on trade, NAFTA, RFS and RINs. NAFTA deals with trade with Canada and Mexico and RFS and RINs have to do with ethanol.

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