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Morse Bluff Village Board candidates

by Nathan Arneal
Published 10/31/18

Four people are running to fill two seats on the Morse Bluff Village Board of Trustees. Two are incumbents, Joe Zeleny and Randal Kremlacek. Challenegers are Justin Mensik and Robin Simanek. Kremlacek is running as a write-in candidate.


Joe Zeleny

Joe Zeleny has been serving on the Morse Bluff village board since 1996. His wife Shelly and he have two children, Blane and Bailey, both NBC graduates.

In the candidate’s words:

I have been the state of Nebraska certified water system operator for Morse Bluff since 1991, and I have served on the village board for 20-plus years.
What I bring to the village board is the knowledge of our water system and its needs. I have a willingness to see both sides of issues.

Morse Bluff is starting a water system improvement project. This will be a two to three year project to complete. There has been no major water system improvements since 1979.

Street resurfacing and maintenance is also an issue that needs to be addressed.

Robin Simanek is challenging for a seat on the village board. She did not return the Eagle’s questionnaire.


Justin Mensik

Justin Mensik is challenging for a season on the board. He is a 2018 graduate of NBC.

In the candidate’s words:

I am Justin Mensik, and I have been a resident of Morse Bluff my entire life. I take great pride in our little town. I helped my fellow villagers build our new city park and playground in 2006 and helped with our town’s Q125 celebration in 2012. I have spent many years picking up trash around the village, trimming trees and scooping snow at the park, and changing out old street signs. I have always cared deeply about Morse Bluff and will continue to do so in the future.

Both of my parents have served Morse Bluff for 20 years, so I feel I have a deep understanding of the tasks that come with being on the village board. Being substantially younger than the current board members, I hope to bring some new ideas to our monthly meetings.

This past May I graduated from North Bend Central where I was President of our SkillsUSA Chapter, vice president of our FFA Chapter, as well as secretary/treasurer of the Class of 2018. I was inducted into the National Honor Society in early 2017 and served as the vice president. The great people at NBC taught me many valuable leadership skills that I will apply to the village board if elected.

I look forward to seeing Morse Bluff continue to prosper in the coming years. I see the Morse Bluff Water Improvement Project as a positive step for our community, ensuring that Morse Bluff residents will continue to enjoy our high-quality water for many years to come. I feel the younger generation needs to get more involved, instead of relying on those over 40 to do everything.

I would appreciate your vote on November 6th and would be honored to serve on the Morse Bluff Board of Trustees.

Randy Kremlacek

Randal Kremlacek has served on the village board for 12 years. He missed the filing deadline due to a clerical error, he said, though he had every intention of running for re-election. As with any write-in, voters must write the name on the line and fill in the oval next to the name.

In the candidate’s words:

I moved to Morse Bluff in 1996 and in 2006 I became a village board member.

I have two sons, one of which is currently engaged in farming and is a resident of Morse Bluff. My youngest is a sophomore at Cedar Bluffs Public School.

Morse Bluff has been a great place to live and raise kids and I feel that you should give back to the community in some fashion. I have always felt that voting the public’s opinion should be top priority. After all that is why you are elected to the position. Not all decisions will fit everybody, but you keep a common sense approach to the decision making and stay in conversation with the residents.

I encourage everyone to do some form of civil duties to get a first-hand approach on small-town politics.


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