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NBC school board candidates

by Nathan Arneal
Published 10/31/18

There are four people running for three seats on the North Bend Central Board of Education.

Dan Wesely

Dan Wesely lives near Morse Bluff with his wife Deann where they raised two daughters. All four are NBC graduates, and he now has grandchildren in the NBC school system. Wesely is an incumbent who has served on the board since 2001.

In the candidate’s words:

I would like to thank the patrons of this district for allowing me to serve on the NBC school board all these years. It at times has been very challenging but also very rewarding. Many positive things have been happening lately, being recognized not only in state but also nationally for our continuing success in academics. The work ethic of our staff and students really shines.
Probably the biggest issue that we see locally and across the state is the over reliance on property tax.

I have been fortunate the last two years to serve as president on the NBC board of education while also serving as the president of the Nebraska Corn Growers Association. Through the Corn Growers association I serve on a committee that deals with property tax at the state level. Serving these two boards allows me to see both sides of the property tax issue. I can have a voice to address our over-reliance on property tax and on the other hand have a voice so we would continue to have adequate school funding. At the same time have a voice in keeping what local control we currently have on our school board.

Many of the things we look at in our school has been with a proactive approach versus reactive approach. School safety is number one on that list. Whether that is working with the students, parents, the public or classroom or office design, it all points in the direction of keeping our students safe.

We continue to look at maintenance of the buildings and technology in the classroom and look at whatever is needed for improvement to educate our students, always keeping in mind an efficient budget.

Justin Taylor

Justin Taylor is the lone non-incumbent in the school board race. He and his wife Amy live near Ames with two children, Faith and Austin, who attend NBC.

In the candidate’s words:

My interest is both personal and wanting to make a difference. My wife, Amy, and I are both NBC graduates. I have two children and nephews who are currently students in the NBC system. It is my hope to represent ALL community groups to enable everyone to feel they DO have a voice in making educational and administrative decisions.

My business is agriculture. My work and experience with people from local, county, and state government, financial representatives, land owners and investors, and various businesses throughout the Midwest have led to our business, Taylor Farms, receiving the Fremont Area Chamber of Commerce’s “Farm Family Excellence Award.” I currently serve on the North Bend Drainage District Board and have worked with the Dept. of Roads in relation to the highway work being done in the North Bend area.

The result of receiving a high level of education is being well prepared for a two or four-year college, the military or the work force in general. It is important to hire qualified, high level educators to ensure this. I want to learn or find out all facts concerning every decision I will make to be sure it is the right one for our school families and all local district residents.

I want to represent the concerns and interests of parents, students, teachers, and every community member. I am interested in all district residents’ opinions of the many important future decisions that will affect them educationally, socially and financially. I know there will be challenges but I am willing to address them in ways that will benefit all of us. I welcome the opportunity to serve on the NBC Public School Board and look at this position as a way to give back to my community.


Jeff Peters

Jeff Peters and his wife Aimee, have three children attending NBC, Emerson 12th, Breckin 10th, and Burkett, 8th grade. Jeff, a 1988 graduate of NBC, has been a financial advisor for over 18 years and is owner of Peters Wealth Management.

In the candidate’s words:

I have been fortunate to be on the NBC Board of Education for eight years now and I am very proud of the changes that have taken place to our school in that time. We have updated our facilities, improved curriculum, embraced technology and hired the absolute best employees that were available. When this happens, you end up with a school district that people can be proud of. This is confirmed by the numerous awards and recognition that our school has received, including the prestigious Department of Education National Blue Ribbon Award.

My biggest goals for the district are keeping up with the changes in technology, school safety, teacher development and finding a balance between spending and tax asking. In my eight years on the board we have made many improvements to the school and early on, when the farm economy was better, we asked a little more from our tax payers, and since we’ve seen a slow down to the farm economy, we’ve asked for a little less. In fact, three out of the last four years we have requested less tax money from our patrons than in the previous year. We are one of very few districts in the entire state that can say that.

Schools in a small town are typically the largest employer and can be one of the most important parts of a community. A good school can be the catalyst for a town’s success. I am very proud of our school and of our town. I grew up here, raised my family here and started my business here. If you vote for me, I promise to continue to work hard to improve our school, make hard decisions when needed and see that our tax dollars are being spent wisely.


Jeff Bauer

Jeff Bauer lives in Morse Bluff with wife Louise. Their four children are all NBC graduates, Joie in 2002, Ana ‘04, Paul ‘07 and Ethan ‘09. Bauer has served on the board since January 2004.

In the candidate’s words:

My first interest, 16 years ago, in becoming a school board member was because three of our four children were in the North Bend school system. Now, looking back over the years, it has become much more than that.

The boards I have been involved with have taken great pride in modeling their progress and success on the board members who were a part of the 1969 Board of Education that built what is now the present day NBC. We emulated that Board by building for the future. As a current board member I have been involved in adding a new weight room/wrestling facility, a new gymnasium, high school renovations i.e. science labs, office facilities, public rest rooms and updated technology to accommodate 1-to-1 computers. At NBE, we built a four-room addition including a new library, a preschool room and program, new playground equipment and gymnasium.

A priority of the present board is school safety. Both NBC and NBE have renovated their front offices where anyone entering during school hours has to be electronically admitted by office staff. We also hired a school safety officer who interacts with students and staff regarding school safety, bullying and building positive rapport with students.

As a school board member we have been able to hire administrators, teachers and staff that are highly qualified and dedicated to their profession. This is evident when NBE received recognition as a National Blue Ribbon School.

I ask for your vote to be re-elected which will allow me to continue to be involved in current projects that need to be completed. I will vote to use the tax payers money wisely and continue to be a conservative voice for the patrons of our school district.

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