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North Bend City Council candidates

by Nathan Arneal
Published 10/31/18

North Bend’s City Council race is uncontested, with two applicants to fill two vacant seats. Ken Streff and Dan Minarick will join the city council in December, replacing Tom Mullally and Emily Kirschenmann.

Ken Streff

Ken Streff is a teacher at NBC. He and his wife Becky have three children and are expecting a fourth.

In the candidate’s words:

As a teacher, coach, and member of several local organizations, I believe that community involvement and volunteerism is vital to rural communities like North Bend. I have served on the North Bend Planning Commission for the past two years and now seek a seat on our city council in order to continue building on the experience I have gained during my time on the commission.

I believe if we want to see North Bend grow in a positive manner we will need to address our lack of housing opportunities, increasing the appeal for business development, and keep improving our water and sewer systems. Whether it be our location in relation to larger communities, our awarding winning school system, or people who just enjoy the feeling of a close-knit small community, we have families that want to move to North Bend but cannot find suitable housing.

We also need to continue developing our economic development plan in order to attract new businesses while also providing current businesses affordable options to improve through grants or low-interest loans. These issues will require community involvement and teamwork beyond the chambers of our city council and I look forward to working with fellow North Bend residents when addressing these opportunities.

While envisioning our city’s future growth is exciting, I believe, we also have a need for continued fiscal responsibility that will allow us to maintain and improve parts of our city’s infrastructure.

While we face challenges in the areas of economic development and funding improvements within our city’s infrastructure, I believe North Bend will have several opportunities for positive growth in the near future and I would appreciate your vote in the upcoming election on November 6th.

Dan Minarick

Dan Minarick grew up in the Morse Bluff and North Bend area. He owns Steel Creation LLC in Morse Bluff doing custom metal fabrication since 2010. He and his wife Lynn have a son Corbin Steel just shy of 2 years old.

In the candidate’s words:

A small government is a good government. I approach the position with an open mind and not a political agenda. I strive to make sound decisions that are financially wise and in the best interests of our city as a whole. We are facing improvements in the near future ranging from community growth to land use.


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