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2018 North Bend mayor candidates

by Nathan Arneal
Published 10/31/06

Three men have tossed their hats in the ring to run for mayor of North Bend: current councilman Tom Mullally, Dean Lux Sr. and Russell Hank.

Tom Mullally has served two terms on the city council. He has lived in North Bend all his life, graduating from NBC in 1991. He and his wife Jody have five children.

In the candidate’s words:

During my two terms on the North Bend City Council we have made several improvements to North Bend.

Tom Mullally

One of the first things I was involved with was the Library Foundation transferring the new library to the city.

Shortly after that we partnered with the Chamber and North Bend Golf Course to erect a welcome sign on the south side of town, with plans to build more after the Hwy. 30 project is finished.

More recently we replaced the old pavilion in the city park and the paving on 10th Street.

Improving the water in North Bend has always been a goal of mine. We started that a couple years ago with the 14th St. main extension/loop, and we are currently drilling a new well that I hope will provide better quality water to the city.

Moving forward we need to continue to improve the streets, address the storm sewer issues and look for ways help our town grow through economic development and additional housing.
Please help me to continue serving the community as mayor.

Dean LuxLux

Dean Lux has lived in North Bend all his life, graduating from North Bend High school in 1952. He is a second generation North Bender and has seen two more generations of his family in North Bend. He has served the community as a member of the city council for seven years, on the Dodge County Board of Supervisors for 34 years, as a member of the North Bend Volunteer Fire Department for 49 yeas and other positions.

In the candidate’s words:

I see the streets are an important issue. They haven’t done anything to them in several years and they are breaking up bad. I think I can improve, do some good for the town.

We’re putting up a lot of stop signs. You don’t regulate speed with stop signs, you regulate speed with law enforcement. There are a lot of small things that I’d like to see done differently.


Russ Hank

Russell Hank is a write-in candidate for North Bend mayor. You will have to write in his name and shade the oval by it for your vote to count for Hank.

In the candidate’s words:

My biggest concern for the city of North Bend are to try and make the streets and intersections better and safer in the winter time for the residents of North Bend.

I would like to check into the property and fencing guidelines. Plus I will have an open door policy for the citizens of this community for any questions or any concerns, or if you just want to talk.


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