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  Goldenrod Garden Club
Gathering in the same house where the Goldenrod Garden Club was started 85 years ago are current members Barb Soukup, Carole Musiel, Virgie Tomasek, Betty Hamata, Eileen Chvatal; (standing) Twila Flamme, Linda Ryan, Jeanne Dahlheim, Jan Vopalensky, Carol Bohling, Judy Jorgensen, Pat Beebe, Barb Bird, Joann Johnson and Claire Eason. Eason’s grandmother-in-law, Bertie Eason, started the club Feb. 5, 1933.

Garden Club celebrates 85 years of gardening, growing, gathering

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 10/6/06

Members of the Goldenrod Garden Club gathered Sept. 19 at the home of Claire Eason to celebrate the club’s founding.

Bertie Eason invited some friends to her home in 1933 to organize a club to share gardening knowledge and advice. This is the same home the women gathers in 2018 to celebrate 85 years of sharing their love of gardening.
It wasn’t until 1939 that by-laws were written and dues of 75 cents was set. In 1943 the dues dropped to 50 cents. It was raised to $1 in 1950 and set at $2 in 1976, where it remains today.

In 1947 a constitution was written with the objective of the club stated as “social and for the development of love for flowers and gardens.” The club remains organized as it was originally, with members meeting in their homes, having programs on garden subjects and taking tours of gardens in the summer.

“As much as things changed, things remained the same,” member Joann Johnson said.

The club spent time reviewing scrapbooks, dating back to 1959 and old club minutes dating back to Feb. 5, 1933, in recognition and celebration of their history.

Anyone interested in joining the club is encouraged to contact one of the members. Others members not pictured include Diane Anderson, Sue Fase, Cheryl Feala, Ann Paulson and Anne Soukup.


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