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Board starts off with Blue Ribbon excitement

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 10/17/18

The North Bend Central Board of Education started its meeting sharing the good news of the Blue Ribbon award the school has received.

Superintendent Dan Endorf and elementary principal Tessie Beaver shared some of the responses they have received from other educators, the press and others.

Beaver told about telling the students, putting a “blue carpet” down the hallways, and the excitement the students have had for the award.

Todd Ziettlow and Melissa Cody gave the board a demonstration on how they are using technology to aid in their classroom. Ziettlow said he can prepare a lesson for a time he’s not going to be in the classroom and the substitute can easily monitor the students as they go through the lesson at their own pace.

Cody said it was a time intensive process and appreciates the time they have had to adjust. All students have access to computers, with students in the high school being able to take theirs home. Students in kindergarten, first and second grades share a cart of computers.

Endorf said NBCPS has budgeted $125,000 a year for the next several years to spend on computers to get to 1:1 access and to keep them working.

Two possible school calendars were presented to the board. One had school starting Aug. 8 for the teachers and Aug. 13 for the students. The second one had the starting dates a week later, Aug. 15 and 20. For both, there will be a two-week Christmas break. For the earlier start, school would get out May 13, or it would be May 20 for the later start. These calendars will be presented to the faculty for consideration before one is adopted.

The board spent an extended amount of time discussing the heating and air conditioning system at the elementary school. Architect Bob Soukup explained the two bids he received. One just bid on replacing the chiller and chiller equipment. The other would use a variable refrigerant flow system, which would be almost twice the cost but include additional updates and provide a more efficient system. After much discussion, the board voted to instruct Soukup to get more information on the VFR system and prepare a RFP (request for proposal) for the board to vote on at the November meeting. The motion passed 5-1, with Jay Poessnecker voting against it because of the cost.

The board discussed possibly postponing the updating of the classrooms a year to pay for the update in the HVAC.

Beaver said that maintenance has to go to at least five classrooms each day to adjust the thermostat. All agreed that something needed to be done, though the process and expense was debated.

The board has received a $42,000 grant to purchase a new bus. In following through with that, they voted to purchase a 2020 Thomas/Freightliner 59 passenger C2 bus for $87,340.

In other business:

• Mike Settles was given the snow removal contract.

• The greenhouse is coming along. The class is meeting in the library now and tables are being built as they wait to get in the building.
The next meeting will be Nov. 12 at 7 p.m.


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