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Sheriff’s Deputy Jesse Sladky helps the NBC kitchen staff serve cookies during lunch last week. The deputy splits his time between NBC and Logan View schools.

Safety, quick response goal of in-school deputy

by Nathan Arneal
Published 10/24/18

There’s a new sheriff in town, and he’s roaming the halls of NBC.

Actually, he’s just a deputy, but Dodge County Sheriff’s Deputy Jesse Sladky has been making his presence felt this school year in both North Bend Central school buildings. He is in his first year as a School Resource Officer at NBC and Logan View, who spilt the costs of the SRO program. Fremont High also has an SRO run through the Fremont Police Department.

SRO’s have become more common in schools in recent years. This summer the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office approached NBC and Logan View with the idea of adding an SRO. The program was approved and Sladky, 27, began his duties in August.

Cheering deputyDeputy Jesse Sladky and his fellow DCSO deputies jumped in and helped the NBC cheer squad lead cheers during Friday’s football game.

NBC high school principal Brenda Petersen said having an armed officer in-house will keep the school safe. In this day and age of school violence and shootings, it’s also a bit of a public relations move, as well.

“We want to make sure our public believes that when they send their kid to school we’re keeping them as safe as possible,” Petersen said. “Yes, the doors being locked is great, but this is just another safety blanket.”

Sladky describes his duties as three-fold:

1. Dealing with criminal matters within the school. He can bring in an investigator if he feels the need, but he it tasked with handling most things himself.

2. Educating students and serving as a guest speaker in classrooms on subject such as safety, bullying, cyber bullying, drug use and intoxicated driving.

3. Mentoring students: “Just being another adult mentor the students can look up to,” Sladky said. “Give them someone they can go to in bad times or good times, or have any problems or issues they want to talk about.”

So far, Sladky said, he has been able to focus on duties 2 and 3 while at NBC. He has yet to encounter any situations where his job as a law enforcement officer has come into need.

Sladky is a Wahoo native who graduated from Bishop Neumann in 2010 before majoring in criminal justice and criminology at UNL. He is also an active member of the Army National Guard. Earlier this year he returned from a deployment to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

He splits his days between Logan View and North Bend,and when in North Bend he spends time in both the grade school and high school buildings. He enjoys his time at NBE, whether playing ball at recess or reading to the children in class.

“I believe the more face time and interaction with the students at the younger ages,” he said, “the better to give a good image of law enforcement and police officers for those students to know those are adults they can trust and go to.”


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