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Board looks at growth potential

by Mary Le Arneal
Published 5/19/21

The North Bend Central Board of Education took a walk to open its May 10 meeting to look at the former site of Birchwood Manor and discuss potential uses for the land.

Many options were discussed: a bus barn, a theater, ball fields, a butterfly farm, but nothing was decided. Facilities director Kevin Ferguson said he has looked into getting electricity to the gazebo and finishing the sidewalk. The board asked to see numbers before making any decisions. It was the consensus that 10 years from now there may be other needs in the district that this land could fulfill, so nothing major will be done now.

The board also discussed watering the softball field. They will look for options of using city water or increasing the capacity of the pump used to water the football fields. Ferguson will check into cost.

The board approved hiring a nurse for the elementary site because of increased medical needs of students enrolling in the fall will present. There will also be an additional para hired to help in the preschool classes.

Board member Doug Hoops presented a communication survey that he thought the school needed to administer to help shape a comprehensive communication between the administration and faculty.

Superintendent Dan Endorf said that a similar survey had been done yearly since 2007, with the exception of the last two years. He presented some samples of the previous surveys. It was decided that Hoops, Francis Emanuel and Dan Wesely will meet to devise a survey for NBC use.

“We want to do what is best for the school district,” Wesely said. “Something that would be unifying, positive and structured.”

The board reviewed the five-year facility plans that had been written in 2015. It was noted the number of projects that had been accomplished. The board decided to hold a special meeting June 2 at 6:30 p.m. to again look at the facilities and make plans for the future.

In other business:
• Endorf was authorized to sell surplus items.
• There were no applications for the math teacher position, so it was offered to Dayle Trout-Wisnieski, a retired math teacher in the Scribner area. She will do it for one year.
• Kirsten Mottl was hired as district bookkeeper.
• Principals Tessie Beaver and Brenda Petersen discussed summer school plans.


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