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Board looks at elmentary school updates planned for 2022

by Stephanie Iwan Flamme
Published 9/15/21

A priority review of North Bend Elementary School renovations was a focus of the Sept. 12 North Bend Central Board of Education meeting. The architecture firm of Clark and Enersen presented the elementary needs along with the costs for the updates.

Part of the review and planning process was to have the board rate the site elements by priority. Some items like the six rooftop air handling units could be paid for through the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund (ESSER). Classroom renovations, flooring updates, restroom upgrades, electrical upgrades and window replacement are some of the items to be addressed through the building fund or depreciation accounts. Total estimated cost according to Clark and Enersen would be $2,350,468.50. This cost does not include updating furniture.

If the board decides to go ahead with some or all of the renovations, the process and decisions would need to be in place before the end of the year to release bids and have construction begin in 2022. Superintendent Dan Endorf has already sent ESSER information to the Nebraska Department of Education for approval. The board will also look closely at the Clark and Enersen scope list to see if there are other items which could be paid with ESSER funds.

Chris Kavan and Melanie Huscher represented families on the bus route who live outside the district. Both requested that the board review the bus route and the possibility of dropping children off at their lanes rather than a drop point at an intersection. Kavan proposed that there be a area outside the district of possibly five miles that the bus route could be extended.

“If there’s a fee involved that would be fine,” Kavan said.

School board president Dan Wesely reviewed the district’s policy for picking up non-district students with routes being set by the superintendent and the transportation director. Presently there are pick up points for such students with stops in Prague, Rogers and Dodge.

“A decision on this could possibly effect all five routes,” Wesely said.

Endorf will set up a committee to look at the policy, advise what is best for everyone, and review the routes to see if the buses can be more accommodating.

Board members Doug Hoops and Jeff Bauer met with insurance companies to review bids and recommended that the North Bend Insurance Agency’s bid be accepted. Based on premium price and coverage, the NBIA bid covered more than other companies who submitted a bid.

In other business the board approved the Temporary Early Retirement Program. The program provides the district an opportunity to search for replacement candidates early in January. It typically helps save the district money, and there are advantages of renewing it every year as the board can increase or decrease the incentive of $12,500.

The board also approved a letter to be sent to Tim Weander of the Nebraska Department of Transportation readdressing the need for an overpass to be constructed at the highways 79 and 30 Expressway intersection in the interest of public safety.

“Board members and community leaders believe the need for public safety outweighs traffic count figures,” Endorf wrote.

Endorf’s letter to NDOT called for greatly reducing traffic speed to provide a safer intersection. The proposed Restricted Crossing U-Turn and speed reduction, like the design often times mentioned near Humphrey, is viewed by the board to be a viable alternative until an overpass is constructed.

The COVID risk dial for NBC is still on green. There have been no confirmed cases in the district. If there would be three connected cases in a classroom, the committee would look at a quarantine, the potential of reinstating a masking policy, or closing a classroom.

Board members were sent a Title IX presentation video to review and will need to return their verification that they watched it.

The next school board meeting will be Sept. 15 at 8 p.m.


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