The North Bend Eagle


Working together to

Improve North Bend

Here are a few ways the citizens of North Bend are working to improve their community. Read on to find out about their efforts and to find out how you can help.

The Library Project

With North Bend Public Library is approaching 100 years of age, the community of North Bend, led by the Library Foundation, banded together to raise the funds for a new, modern library that will better able to serve the needs of the North Bend community. Five years from the first fundraiser, the new building welcomed its first patrons. Find out more>>

"Paving a path for the Future" trails project

The North Bend Arboretum was begun in 1991 and now boasts over 115 species of trees, shrubs and other plants, as well as an outdoor classroom with a waterfall and natural prairie grasses. Now an effort is underway to pave the mile-long system of trails that run throughout the arboretum, making it more accessible and convenient for the walkers, joggers and cyclists of North Bend. Find out more>>

North Bend Area Community Foundation

Providing strong roots for the community's future. The North Bend Area Community Foundation does not spearhead specific projects within the North Bend community, but provides a vehicle for receiving donations for the benefit of the North Bend area. The fund will be used to provide assistance for improvements in North Bend and its surrounding area, which could include, but is not limited to, civic, cultural, educational, health and welfare needs. Gifts to the foundation will provide tax benefits to donors who might wish to leave a legacy for the North Bend area, and for those who wish to contribute in memory or honor of a loved one. Find out more>>