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2018 Election Central

Updated 11/27/18

Nov. 7: Saunders County updated its numbers shortly after midnight; however, those numbers still do not include election day votes in the Morse Bluff Village Board race (and that may mean Morse Bluff votes for NBC school board as well.) The Village Board numbers below reflect only early voting totals.

Nov. 7 Wednesday update: Saunders County reports that there was a technical malfunction with their counting machines and some precincts on election day, including Morse Bluff, but those issues have now been resolved and the numbers have now been updated.

As of 1 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 7, we believe the figures below are the final unofficial results. Results will become official when they are certified by the county election commission later this week.

Nov. 21 update- the Dodge County results are now official, with only minor changes to the totals that didn't affect any races. The Saunders County totals are still listed as unofficial.

Nov. 27 update- All vote totals are now official now that Saunders County has certified its results. The only major change was in the counting and naming of the Morse Bluff Village Board write-ins. While 50 write-in votes were received, only 33 of those went to declared write-in candidate Randy Kremlacek. Kremlacek still won one of the two seats, but the race was closer than what it first appeared.


North Bend Mayor (1 seat open)
Dean Lux 265
Tom Mullally 162
Write-in 21
Declared write-in candidate: Russ Hank

North Bend City Council (2 seats)
Dan Minarick 361
Ken Streff 341
Write-in 10

Morse Bluff Village Board (2 seats)
Joe Zeleney* 37
Randy Kremlacek 33
Robin Simanek 28
Justin Mensik 16
Other write-ins 17
Declared write-in candidate: Randy Kremlacek*

North Bend Central #595 School Board
(3 seats)
  Dodge Saunders Total
Dan Wesely* 576 213 789
Justin Taylor 597 170 767
Jeff Bauer* 505 205 710
Jeff Peters 478 173 651
Write-in 11 1 12

* Incumbents

A note on write-ins: On election night write-in votes will simply be reported as "write-in." In the days following the election, the election commission will go through and identify the write-ins who got votes. While one could make an assumption that the declared write-in candidates garnered the majority of the write-in votes, it is possible that there were write-in votes for other individuals as well.


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